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August 23, 2017


Voice coaching is a specialist and unique profession. It takes A LOT of practise, its very competitive but if you've got the passion and drive, most people can do it! 


One of the unique aspects of being a voice artist, is that you can do it from almost anywhere. With today's technology, you can create a studio wherever you want! As long as its good quality equipment and sound, you can do it from home, in your garden or even on holiday! That being said; if you can voice from 'anywhere' then you can be coached from anywhere! 


I am based in Bath in the UK, but this is no restriction on who I can coach. I have students in the UK, Canada as well as all over the US. You'd be very welcome to travel to my studio for coaching. You could make a trip of it and see the lovely city of Bath... But if that's not an option for you, Skype is the answer!


As voiceover is all about the voice, you don't have to visit me in person to get good quality coaching. If I can hear you, I can help you. It absolutely helps to have a video stream, as even changing your posture can affect the way your voice sounds, however, being able to hear you is the most important part!


The thing about voicing is: the only way you can improve is through constant reflection and self-correction. However, you will need to know what you are listening for, which is where coaching plays an important part in becoming a voiceover.  


Skype coaching is great because whether you are a new voice or a more experienced voice, Skype gives us the opportunity to cater for all needs, be it a refresher session, show reel feedback or full on coaching, we can do whatever you need. Skype coaching is an ideal way for me to connect with potential students anywhere in the world.


I offer very reasonable Skype coaching fees: 

£25 - for 15 minutes consultation session

£50 - for 30 minutes coaching

£80 - for 1 hour coaching


If you did opt for Skype coaching and you had access to good quality equipment, there is even the opportunity to make a voice reel; I would direct to ensure you got the best material for the reel and then we would create it and send it to you (please see my 'Your Lesson' section of my website for showreel prices). 


If you want further details about any kind of coaching, please don't hesitate to drop me a line on the 'Contact Me' section of my website. Or if you'd like a glimpse into what Skype coaching is like, have a look at the video on my other blog post and check out a testimonial from one of my skype students :)



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